Each of us has a story. Each of us, at different levels of the club's formation, made different decisions. It is the spontaneous amalgamation of all these choices that has led us to become a thriving group of friends and brothers. This made us Cruiseriders.

Our joint meetings in Sopot (2008-2009) strengthened ties between us, we were no longer single riders, we started to form a group and at that moment we made the only right decision to establish the Cruiseriders Sopot FG motorcycle club, thus supporting the power of the Congress of Polish Motorcycle Clubs.

Over the years the club has evolved, we all grew up in the club but also with the club and vice versa - the club grew up with us. Our daily life priorities changed and we wanted more.

At the fall congress in 2014, our dreams came true, the Congress of Polish Motorcycle Clubs decided to grant MC status to our club. At this point, we became Cruiseriders MC Poland. We were bursting with pride.

In life, as we know, it can be different,  what goes around comes around and after a series of unlucky events that fell on the club in spring 2015, we were forced to return as North FG Cruiseriders.

It was a hard moment in the club's life, but it also gave us the opportunity to see who was a true friend, who was a real brother and who we can count on selflessly. Five tough years, in which the club didn't give up, but strengthened like never before.

Spring The Congress of Polish Motorcycle Clubs April 12-14, 2019 is an important date. That's when we come back to the group of MC clubs.

We are now and forever